Integrated protection of fruit crops


IPM in fruit crops, biological control, technical guidelines

Convenor IORIATTI Claudio
Liaison-Officer VOGT Heidrun


Within the frame of the group there are five subgroups covering the following specialised topics:


The group deals with all aspects of integrated, biological, and organic plant protection in fruit production, with the exception of grapes, citrus and olives.


The group meets as a whole every 4 years, the sub groups meet every two years in the intervening years.


Intensive work on methods and strategies for integrated plant protection in orchards, especially in the fields of pests and diseases, are the focal point of the working group activities. Technical guidelines for integrated pome, stone and soft fruit production have been published. These and results of specialised workshops are published in the IOBC-WPRS Bulletins:

February 2009: The Working Group „Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops“ is celebrating its 50th Anniversary
Historic Review (pdf) by Ernst F. Boller, Albert K. Minks, Jerry V. Cross, Joop C. van Lenteren & Theo Wildbolz

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