Integrated Control in Citrus Fruit Crops


Citrus fruit crops, IPM, pests, diseases, biological control, natural enemies, non-chemical control

Convenor MARTÍNEZ FERRER María Teresa
Liaison-Officer PAPADOPOULOS Nikolaos


This group is one of the first groups of IOBC-WPRS and is active mainly in the Mediterranean area. The group comprises approximately 80 scientists.


The basic aim of the working group is to set up Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes based on biological control of citrus pests and diseases.


The group deals with beneficial organisms (acclimatisation, mass rearing, introduction, maintenance, selectivity) and other non-chemical control methods. It is engaged in common, basic research programmes, applied research for control strategies, technology transfer and training.


Since 1960, a network of scientists from different regions has been set up. A considerable number of beneficials have since been studied and introduced in the Mediterranean area. New control strategies have been applied to regional cropping conditions.

The results of the working group's activities are published in bulletins:


Meeting 2017, 25-27 September, Valencia, Spain.
WG Meeting 2013, Adana, Turkey
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Meeting 2013, 07-09 May, Adana, Turkey.
WG Meeting 2013, Adana, Turkey
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Meeting 2007, 05-07 November, Catania, Italy.
WG Meeting 2007, Catania, Italy
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Meeting 2005, 26-27 September, Lisbon, Portugal.
WG Meeting 2005, Lisbon, Portugal
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