Commission on Determination and Identification of Entomophagous Insects and Insect Pathogens


Convenor BAUR Hannes
Liaison-Officer none


Several taxonomists in Europe, specialised in different groups of insect parasitoids and predators, cooperate in the identification service of reared specimens which are sent to the commission.


The general goal of the commission is to compile a reliable database of insect pest species and their natural enemies including microbial antagonists and to bridge the gap between biological control research and sound taxonomic knowledge.


The commission provides a free service for IOBC-WPRS members, working with pest species, their natural enemies, and insect pathogens, who need help in identification of specimens from Europe and the near East.


The commission compiles the data on those species, which have been reared from definite hosts during a research project and which could be determined to species level. These results are published irregularly within the IOBCwprs Bulletin:

IOBC-WPRS Bulletin 20 (2) 1997 (pdf)
IOBC-WPRS Bulletin 28 (11) 2005 (pdf)


For entomophagous insects: BAUR Hannes
For insect pathogens: KLEESPIES Regina

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