Commission on Publications


Convenor HERZ Annette
Member KOCH Ute
Liaison-Officer none


Dr Annette Herz: Coordination of publishing activities, print, dispatch and archive of Bulletins.

Dr Ute Koch: Final editorial work on articles for Bulletins submitted by the Editor(s)


The general goal of the commission is to supervise and coordinate all publishing activities of IOBC / WPRS. It aims at maintaining an acceptable quality level of the publications and the housestyle of the organisation as much as possible.


The following publications are produced at regular intervals by the Commission itself or under its supervision:

IOBC-WPRS Bulletins
The bulletins comprise proceedings of meetings of Working- and Study Groups, reports of activities of the Council or Commissions, and proceedings of the WPRS General Assembly. The Bulletins appear 8 - 10 times per year.

IOBC-WPRS Brochures
The brochures contain guidelines defining methodologies useful for the daily practice in Biocontrol and IPM (e.g. visual survey in orchards, monitoring methods, insect pheromone list, guidelines to evaluate side-effects of pesticides to non-target organisms).


IOBC-WPRS Publications 1968 – 2010. Compiled by Horst Bathon. ISBN 978-92-9067-235-7 [40 pp.]. Bulletin Vol. 61, 2010 (pdf)

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