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Junior Research Scientist in ecological mechanisms involved in biocontrol efficacy
INRAE, Avignon, France

Job Opportunity at INRAE: Junior Research ScientistIn order to strengthen the conceptual basis on which the protective efficacy of microbial biocontrol agents against plant pathogens depends, you will develop experimental population ecology and functional ecological approaches to understand the mechanisms involved in the multitrophic interactions between the introduced microbial agent, the plant, the pathogen and the biotic and abiotic environment. You will also develop models to predict fluctuations of the populations of introduced microorganisms on the plant and of the factors favoring the activation of their mechanism(s) of action, in relation to the main environmental factors. Your research project will therefore foster a better understanding of the conditions that favor an efficacious use of microbial biocontrol agents. For your research, you will be able to rely on acquired data and on tools under development in the research unit (biocontrol database, prototype of decision support tool), on the expertise in plant pathology in the research unit, on a very active community in ecology, biostatistics and modelling in Avignon, on technical platforms for molecular biology and microscopy and on efficient and varied experimental infrastructures.

You should have a solid knowledge of the concepts of microbial ecology and good expertise in the methods associated with elucidating the functional roles of microorganisms in a complex environment (classical microbiology methods, molecular biology methods and molecular sequence data processing). You should have skills in modeling and statistics, good interpersonal skills and be open to multidisciplinarity. Fluency in English is desirable as well as long-term international experience: successful candidates who have not yet had international experience, will be encouraged to conduct a research year abroad, at the end of the first year of their internship.

Job Offer at INRAE, Avignon, France, CR-2022-SPE-5: