Individual Membership

Individual Membership Types and Fees:


Individual Membership (90 EURO)

Individual membership is open to any person interested in biological and/or integrated control.

Individual members participate in the decision process of IOBC-WPRS. They are consulted:

Each individual may cast her / his vote when physically present at a consultation organized during a meeting, or by written answer on specific forms for ballots organized by mail.

An individual Member has the right of one vote during the General Assembly of IOBC-WPRS, which she/he may express only when physically present or by written answer to a poll organized by order of the Council.

Other benefits include:

The individual membership fee is 90 EURO per year (including an individual membership to IOBC-Global of 10 EURO per year).

Individual Membership, reduced fee (50 EURO)

Reduced Individual Membership Fees for students and for colleagues from selected countries of the West Palaearctic Regional Section:

To facilitate the participation of young scientists and of colleagues from the southern part of WPRS, the individual membership fee will be reduced to 50 EURO per year for students* and for residents of the following countries**: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.

*Student membership status will be confirmed, when a copy of a valid student card, together with a letter of a referent professor is received by the Treasurer.

**These countries are defined according to the list of recipients of the Development Assistance Committee of OECD - ODA ( and will be updated every two years by the Treasurer.

Individual Membership with online or paper version subscription to "BioControl" (140 / 190 EURO)

This includes a subscription to the international journal "BioControl" for personal use (not for libraries) at a substantially reduced prize.

The individual membership fee with online only subscription to "BioControl" is 140 EURO per year.
The individual membership fee with paper version subscription to "BioControl" is 190 EURO per year.


Your IOBC-WPRS membership is valid for 1 year after the payment of the membership and the receipt of the automatically generated access data to the IOBC-WPRS website.
However, the subscription period for the scientific Journal BioControl is the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), valid from the date of subscription.



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