Supporting Members

Supporting Membership Types and Fees:


Supporting Members (350 EURO)

Supporting members are small institutions, libraries, departments and companies. Supporting membership covers all employees of the unit holding the membership.

The benefits of supporting members include:

Supporting members have currently no right to vote in the elections and consultations (article X of IOBC-WPRS statutes).

The minimum fee for Supporting Members is 350 EURO per year (including a supporting membership to IOBC-Global of 50 EURO per year).


Supporting Membership with subscription to "BioControl" (400 / 450 EURO)

This includes a subscription to the international journal "BioControl" at a substantially reduced prize.

The supporting membership fee with online only subscription to "BioControl" is 400 EURO per year.
The supporting membership fee with paper version subscription to "BioControl" is 450 EURO per year.


Your IOBC-WPRS membership is valid for 1 year after the payment of the membership and the receipt of the automatically generated access data to the IOBC-WPRS website.
However, the subscription period for the scientific Journal BioControl is the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), valid from the date of subscription.



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