General Assembly of IOBC-Global

ICE2022Helsinki, 26th International Congress of Entomology, 18-23 July 2022, Helsinki, Finland.Dear member of IOBC,

We are preparing the General Assembly of IOBC-Global to be held during the International Congress of Entomology (ICE2022) in Helsinki, July 2022. As it looks now, many IOBC members normally attending the General Assembly will not travel to Helsinki this July. However, we – the members of IOBC, need to agree on several important issues in order to make it possible for the Executive Committee to continue their work. The most urgent issues relate to the proposed changes in the Statutes and By-Laws of IOBC-Global. Download here the provisional agenda for the General Assembly (pdf) and the draft Statutes (pdf) and By-Laws (pdf).

If you are a paying member of an IOBC Regional Section, please be so kind to send me the following information:

Those who intend to attend the General Assembly will receive an email about the date, time and place of the meeting. As it looks now, the meeting will be held on Tuesday evening 19 July, starting 18.30, location still unknown.

Best wishes,
Joop C. van Lenteren
Secretary General IOBC-Global