Short CV of Ferran Garcia-Marí

Ferran Garcia-Marí is full Professor and head of the Applied Entomology unit at the Instituto Agroforestal Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute), of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia). He got his degree in Agronomy in 1976 and his PhD in 1981. He has developed his research in biological control, sampling, development of IPM strategies and field population studies on several citrus pests as mites, diaspidid scales, whiteflies, citrus leafminer, thrips and medfly. He teaches courses in Agricultural Entomology, Biological Control and Citrus Pest Management. Currently he is President of the Sociedad Española de Entomología Aplicada (Spanish Applied Entomology Society).

He joined IOBC-WPRS (WG "Integrated Protection of Citrus Crops") in 1991, became Convenor of this Citrus WG in 2002, was local organizer of the meeting held in Valencia at the end of 2002, and was reelected as Convenor in 2007.