7th Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group "Landscape Management for Functional Biodiversity", Dundee (Scotland, UK), March 29 - 31, 2017

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Session II

How economic thresholds could improve the uptake of conservation biological control in arable landscape – an industry perspective
Mark Ramsden, Steve Ellis. Presentation (pdf)

Ecological Focus Areas and beneficial insect (Coleoptera: Carabidae) conservation for pest control: habitat suitability and farm specific factors
Douglas J. Warner, John Tzilivakis, Andrew Green & Kathleen A. Lewis. Presentation (pdf)

Simultaneous use of winter cress (Brassicaceae) in trap cropping, conservation biological control, and pollinator conservation
Francesco R. Badenes-Pérez, Beatriz Parrado Márquez, Eduard Petitpierre.

Banker plants promote functional biodiversity in cabbage
Sebastian Laurenz, Rainer Meyhöfer. Presentation (pdf)

Impact of agro-ecological infrastructures on the control of insect pests in apple orchards
Pierre Franck, Luan Alberto Odorizzi, Marlice Botelho Costa, Claire Lavigne, Odair Aparecido Fernandes, Armin Bischoff. Presentation (pdf)

Functional agrobiodiversity – a novel approach to optimize pest control in fruit production
Lene Sigsgaard, Stine K. Jacobsen.

Landscape scale and local crop protection intensity affect the abundance of the codling moth and its predation and parasitism in apple orchards
C. Lavigne, M. Maalouly, L. Monteiro, B. Ricci, J. F. Toubon, J. C. Bouvier, J. Olivares, S. Maugin, C. Thomas, P. Franck. Presentation (pdf)

Is higher landscape heterogeneity associated with lower variation of abundances of pests and natural enemies?
Julie-Éléonore Maisonhaute, Geneviève Labrie, Eric Lucas. Presentation (pdf)

Effect of landscape diversity on biocontrol of the millet head miner, Heliocheilus albipunctella (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in Senegal
Ibrahiam Thiaw, Valérie Soti, François-Régis Goebel, Ahmadou Sow, Thierry Brévault, Mouhamadou Diakhate.


Session III

Plants on karst that attract predatory insects
Kristijan Franin, Gabrijela Kuštera, Božena Barić.

Structure of the epigeic beetle community in a suburban hilly area in Northern Italy
Daniela Lupi, Anna Rocco, Sara Savoldelli, Augusto Loni. Presentation (pdf)

The community composition of ladybirds (Coccinellidae) occurring in three vineyards in Tuscany (Italy)
Roberto Canovai, Augusto Loni, Andrea Lucchi. Presentation (pdf)

The genus Paragus Latreille (Diptera Syrphidae), a useful bioindicator in the vineyards
Augusto Loni, Giovanni Burgio, Daniele Sommaggio, Andrea Lucchi. Presentation (pdf)

Overwintering arthropod assemblages across and within habitats of a Swiss agricultural landscape
Louis Sutter, Michael Amato, Philippe Jeanneret, Matthias Albrecht. Presentation (pdf)

The abundance of overwintered predatory arthropods in agricultural landscape elements
Kaia Treier, Gabriella Kovács, Riina Kaasik, Maarja Männiste, Eve Veromann.

Effects of organic farming at different spatial scales on natural enemies of crop pests and pest predation levels
Stéphanie Aviron, Alexandre Monteiro, Jacques Baudry, El Aziz Djoudi, Julien Pétillon, Manuel Plantegenest, Camille Puech. Presentation (pdf)

Identifying a suitable annual floral mixture and its relative attractiveness to pollinators in Central Spain
Celeste Azpiazu, Ignacio Morales, Ángeles Adán, Pilar Medina, Alberto Fereres, Germán Canomanuel & Elisa Viñuela. Presentation (pdf)

The importance of the qualitative composition of floral margins to the maintenance of rich communities of bees
M. Pérez-Marcos, F. J. Ortiz-Sánchez, E. López-Gallego, M. J. Ramírez-Soria, J. A. Sanchez. Presentation (pdf)

Suzanne Burgess, Paul Evans.


Session IV

Aphid infestations and biocontrol in cereal crops in Scotland: effects of winter cropping across three regions
Alison J. Karley, Carolyn Mitchell, Cathy Hawes, Pietro P. M. Iannetta, Gillian Banks, Linda Ford, Mark Young, Nora Quesada and Graham Begg. Presentation (pdf)

Food webs in barley fields: implications for biological control
Mattias Jonsson.

Measuring biological control using surrogate prey items in winter wheat
John Holland, Niamh McHugh, Steve Moreby, Philippe Jeanneret. Presentation (pdf)

Video monitoring of brown planthopper in rice shows importance of frogs for biological pest control
Yi Zou, Joop de Kraker, Felix J. J. A. Bianchi, Mario D. van Telgen, Haijun Xiao and Wopke van der Werf. Presentation (pdf)

Natural pest control requires a complete landscape
Paul C. J. van Rijn. Presentation (pdf)

Tipping the system: the difficult transition from chemical towards natural pest control in agriculture
L. Bakker, F. J. J. A. Bianchi, W. van der Werf and P. Tittonell.

Designing multifunctional agro-landscapes: a multi-objective optimization approach
Willemien Geertsema, Felix J. J. A. Bianchi, Walter A. H. Rossing, Wopke van der Werf and Seleshi Yalew.



Does the association between fruit trees and vegetables promote functional biodiversity and biocontrol of vegetables pests?
Camille Imbert, François Warlop, Léa Husson & Claire Lavigne. Poster (pdf)

Soil matters: agronomic practices impacts on natural regulation of root pests of field vegetables
Celine Delabre, K. A. Evans, Michael Gaffney, Julia Cooper, Bryan Griffiths , Richard Hopkins.

On the presence of Vespoidea on an Italian racecourse
Costanza Jucker, Nasim Amiresmaeili, Daniela Lupi.

Carabid composition in different agricultural landscapes
Darija Lemic, Ivana Pajač Živković, Maja Čačija, Tomislav Kos, Helena Virić Gašparić, Božena Barić, Renata Bažok.

Mites' functional biodiversity in terraced vineyards of Cinque Terre National Park
Elena Gagnarli, Roberto Nannelli, Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri, Marisa Castagnoli, Matteo Perrone, Silvia Guidi, Donatella Goggioli, Franca Tarchi, Maria Rosa Lottero, Lorenzo Corino, Sauro Simoni. Poster (pdf)

Landscape scale management of insect populations
Richard Dye, Graham S. Begg.

EcoOrchard – collecting existing knowledge and generating new knowledge on functional biodiversity of organic orchards
L. Sigsgaard, F. Warlop, A. Herz, M. Tchamitcian, L. Pfiffner, M. Kelderer, L. Jamar, D. Kruzynska, M. Korsgaard, M. Tasin, L. Ozolina-Pole.

Key parameters for the management and design of field margins aiming to the conservation of beneficial insects
M. Pérez-Marcos, E. López-Gallego, M. J. Ramírez-Soria and J. A. Sanchez.

Overwintering of Encarsia tricolor on the cabbage whitefly
Sebastian Laurenz, André Brun, Rainer Meyhöfer. Poster (pdf)

Effects of landscape heterogeneity on crop colonization by natural predators of pests in protected horticultural cropping systems
Stéphanie Aviron, Sylvain Poggi, Yann-David Varennes, Amélie Lefèvre. Poster (pdf)

Relationship between landscape structure and abundance of airborne beneficial arthropods in an olive agro-ecosystem
Susana Pascual, Alejandro Rescia, Ismael Sánchez-Ramos, Manuel González-Núñez, Marta Ortega. Poster (pdf)