IOBC-WPRS is one of six Regional Sections
of the International Organisation for Biological Control.
IOBC was established in 1955 to promote environmentally
safe methods of pest and disease control in plant protection.

Members of WPRS are individual scientists, governmental, scientific or commercial organisations from 24 countries of Europe, Mediterranean region and the Middle East.

IOBC-WPRS encourages collaboration in promoting feasible and environmentally safe methods of pest and pathogen control.

IOBC-WPRS fosters research and practical application, organises meetings, symposia, offers training and information, especially of biological methods of control, but also of all methods, including chemicals, within an integrated pest management context. Major activities include development and standardisation of testing methods for effects of pesticides on beneficial species, pest and disease damage assessment, modelling in relation to pest and disease management, and the practical implementation of biological and integrated controls for pests and diseases of particular crops.


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General Assembly 2017, Riva del Garda, Italy

This event takes place every four years and is a great moment of exchange for IOBC-WPRS members. Reports for the period 2013-2017 were presented by the Council and by the Convenors of the 21 Working and Study Groups of IOBC-WPRS. Detailed information and the minutes of debates and decisions taken by the General Assembly will be presented in a specific IOBC-WPRS Bulletin scheduled to be published in early 2018.


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