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1. The IOBC-WPRS online-membership administration system automatically sends a reminder for the membership renewal 8 and 4 weeks before the expiry of your membership. In case the membership is not renewed until the expiration date, your membership profile will be automatically de-activated and later deleted from the system. In this case you have to apply for a new membership.
2. Your IOBC-WPRS membership is valid for 1 year after the payment of the membership and the receipt of the automatically generated access data to the IOBC-WPRS website. However, the subscription period for the scientific Journal BioControl is the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), valid from the date of subscription. Recommendation:


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*: In order to profit from the reduced subscription fee through the IOBC-WPRS membership to BioControl for all issues of the annual volume it is recommended to pay the annual membership fee until the 31st of March of the respective year.