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MyGreenTrainingBox is a sustainable development digital contents streaming platform powered by professionals from education and digital learning. It covers topics related to sustainable agriculture, construction, renewable energies etc. Once you created your account, you can select any topic and immediately access the content of each training. You can watch the video, listen to podcast, read the documents, pass the tests or even access the forum where you can share your knowledge with our learners community. If you are a learner, you can train yourself with our contents, if you are a teacher or a trainer, you can use MyGreenTrainingBox materials during your courses and training, it's up to you.

Contents have been created by renowned experts and professionals in their fields. They create the structure of each training, write the contents and the assessment materials. Then its our turn to change their knowledge and experience into digital materials (video, pdf, podcast etc.). For each training you can check the experts who are in charge of its creation. Each course also contains self-assessment quizzes and a dedicated exchange forum between learners to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Do not miss the opportunity to try out this Digital Training on Biocontrol Technologies, an instrumental part of an holistic approach to achieve more sustainable agriculture and food for future generations!

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Screenshot of the IPM chapter, section "The history of IPM", video at 1:21.

The Biocontrol E-Training (BET) project was funded under the European Erasmus + programs and was initiated by AkiNaO and Leno in France, CSIC in Spain and the University of Cagliari in Italy and associated partners: The Academy of Biocontrol and Integrated Biological Protection, IBMA France and IBMA Global, The University of Perpignan and Biovegen.

Between February and June 2020, an important testing phase will take place with several target groups: farmers, agricultural technicians, professionals, students, teachers, trainers, etc. remotely and face-to-face on several continents. The results of those assessments will allow us to make final adjustments to our content.

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