Short CV of John Holland

John Holland is Head of Farmland Ecology at the Game and Wildlife Conservation trust, a privately funded research organisation employing over 60 scientists. He joined the Trust in 1992 after completing his PhD in New Zealand on spider mites. Since then his research has focussed on the ecology and role of insects and other wildlife inhabiting farmland. Research studies have included investigating farm management techniques to encourage beneficial insects; spatial distribution of invertebrates in arable ecosystems; insects and farmland bird diets; insects within hedgerows; evaluation and development of agri-environment schemes for farmland wildlife; indirect effects of pesticides on invertebrates and farmland birds and conservation biocontrol in arable crops.

At present he is leading the Farm4bio project which aims to determine for a range of biodiversity: i) how to best manage the uncropped land, ii) whether there is a relationship with the proportion of uncropped land and iii) how it is affected by the spatial arrangement on farm.

John has attended all of the previous meetings of this working group and was appointed convenor in 2009.