Short CV of Jean-Pierre Jansen

Jean-Pierre Jansen is a Research Scientist in ecotoxicology at the "Walloon Agricultural Research Center – Department of Life Science, Plant Protection and Ecotoxicology Unit", a non-profit research organization located in Gembloux, Belgium ( He is a specialist in side-effects of pesticides on beneficial arthropods, especially in open field, with experience in both generation of data and transfer of the information to the practice. The main research topics was the assessment of side-effects of pesticides used in wheat on parasitic hymenoptera and aphidophagous predators and building of pesticide selectivity lists in potatoes and open-field produced vegetables, as carrots, onions, peas and beans. He is also involved as expert in the pesticide registration process for Belgian authorities (part "Arthropods and Beneficials organisms"). The other part of his researches is the implementation of IPM program to control several pests in open field. He is also responsible of the organization and follow-up of advisory system for aphid control in potato for the Walloon part of Belgium.

He joined the IOBC WG "Pesticides and Beneficial Organisms" in 1993 and participated to the 8th and 9th Joined Pesticide Testing Program.