Short CV of Ahmed Mazih

Ahmed Mazih, Engineer in Plant Protection (IAVHII-ENA, Morocco), Diploma of Advanced Studies [D.E.A.] and Doctor-engineer in Ecology (University of Paris VI, France); and Doctor d'Etat ès-Sciences Agronomiques (PhD) – (Institute of Agronomy and Medicine Veterinary Hassan II, Morocco) in Animal Applied Biology, is full Professor and Head of the Plant Protection Department at the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAVHII, Agadir, Morocco).

He has developed his research in biological control, SIT, sampling, development of IPM strategies and field population studies on several insect pests of forest (Lymantria dispar, Diprion pini), horticultural Ccrops (Ceratitis capitata, Aonidiella aurantii, Phyllocnistis citrella, Tuta absoluta…), and the desert locust (in Morocco and Sahelian countries).

He teaches courses in Population dynamics, Agricultural Entomology, Biological Control and Pest Management (Msc. and Ph.D. levels) at IAVHII in Rabat and Agadir, Morocco since 1978.

Prof. Ahmed Mazih works occasionally for many international and national organizations (FAO, GTZ, AMABIO, Maroc citrus etc…), and he is currently the research project leader of the "IPM on organic citrus project" (IAVHII and Organic Agriculture Moroccan Association - AMABIO), and of the Sustainable Tomato Production Project (IAVHII/ Agricultural Research In the Mediterranean area - Arimnet2).

He joined IOBC-WPRS (WG Integrated Protection of Citrus Crops) in 2005, and was local organizer of the meeting held in Agadir in 2010, and local co-organizer of the PPO/IOBC/FAO/NEPPO Joint International Symposium on management of Tuta absoluta (tomato borer) Agadir, Morocco, 2011.

He was awarded the medal of National Merit (First Class), by King Mohamed VI, in July 2012.