Short CV AbdulAziz M.A. Mohamed

AbdulAziz Mohamed is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Life Sciences Department in the Arabian Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain.  He obtained a Ph.D. degree (major in Entomology and minor in Agronomy) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in 2003.  He worked for nine years (2006-2014) as Director of Plant Wealth Directorate at Agriculture Affairs, Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.  He sustained his research activities before and after joining the University with a focus on biological control and field population studies on the major pests of date palm (e.g., red palm weevil, lesser date moth, dust mite, rhinoceros beetles), insect- microbial symbiont interactions, and biodiversity conservation.  He teaches courses in Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Agricultural Ecology and Bioscience Communication.