Short CV of Eric Palevsky

Eric Palevsky is a researcher in Entomology at the Newe-Ya’ar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organization, The Ministry of Agriculture, Israel ( The Volcani Center's tasks include agricultural research in general and plant protection in particular.
His research activities are focused on integrated control of plant feeding mites, conservational biological control in outdoor systems using acarine (mite) predators, food provisioning for the enhancement of acarine bio-control agents in protected crops and acarine-fungal pathogen-plant interactions ( He is involved in national and international research projects dealing with such subjects. Since 2000 guest lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the course Agricultural Acarology.

He joined the IOBC-WPRS in 2003, participant of the WGs: "Integrated control in protected crops, temperate and Mediterranean climates". He was elected to act as the convener of the "Integrated Control of Mite Pests" Working Group in 2007.