Short CV of Heidrun Vogt

Heidrun Vogt is Senior Research Scientist at the "Institute for Plant Protection In Fruit Crops and Viticulture" of the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI) - Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants" in Dossenheim, Germany ( and leader of the subject area 'Entomology in Fruit Crops`. Main research areas are:

For long years her research focused on side-effects of pesticides on beneficial arthropods, including the development and validation of test methods.

In addition to research, an important part of her work concerns policy support and technical advice to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) on issues of plant protection in orchards.

Since starting her career she is closely affiliated with IOBC-WPRS, regularly attending the meetings of the IOBC-WPRS Working Groups "Integrated Protection of Fruit crops, "Pesticides and Beneficial Organisms " and "Pheromones and other Semiochemicals in Integrated Production". She has been Convener of the WG "Pesticides and Beneficial Organisms" from 1998 to 2007. In that period, under the leadership of this working group most important progress has been made in the European wide validation of test guidelines to evaluate side-effects of plant protection products to non-target arthropods (s. IOBC-WPRS Guidelines Book). These guidelines are now widely used for obligatory studies within the registration process of pesticides.

From 2005-2013 she was Vice-president in the Executive Committee of the IOBC-WPRS, since 2013 she is member of the IOBC-WPRS Council.