In Memoriam Frank Wijnands †

Our highly regarded and very passionate IOBC colleague Frank Wijnands passed away suddenly in a hospital in Nairobi during the night between Thursday 21 March and Friday 22 March 2019.
We are devastated and deeply saddened by the news.

Frank was hard to miss in a crowd. Frank had a long track record in applied research as a systems researcher, both nationally and internationally. In the 1980s, he was engaged in the Epipré programme, whereby farmers were able to finetune the spraying of wheat by using field observations and weather circumstances.

After that, under the guidance of Pieter Vereijken, among others, he occupied himself with business systems research at the OBS in Nagele. It was here that he established his name and reputation as an inspirational, skilled, engaged, and enthusiastic systems researcher. He had the ability to develop a vision and to realise it by connecting the various skills, knowledge, and stakeholders. He was involved in launching and directing several large programmes on the development of the agriculture of the future in the area of conventional and organic. Telen met Toekomst, Akkerbouw 2000, BIOM and VEGINECO are important examples of these.

For his efforts, he was honoured with the KNPV award in 2005, as someone who provided inspiration and managed to bring cohesion to crop protection and cultivation systems, and who managed to connect fundamental research and practice. Over the last few years, he took his expertise and applied it to international projects.

Furthermore, he was selected in 2005 to participate in the "Commission on Guidelines for Integrated Production" of the International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control (IOBC-WPRS). He has acted as its Chairman since 2014 with great enthusiasm and dynamism. In both these roles he edited the last versions of the IOBC Integrated production Objectives and General principles and of several IP Crop specific Guidelines.

We at IOBC owe Frank a lot of gratitude, for all the work he has done for us and for his contribution to this general sector. He has made an indelible mark on the development of both biological and integrated agriculture in the Netherlands and all over Europe, as well as on all of us at IOBC.

Frank will always be part of us.