Instructions to the editors (convenors)

IOBC-WPRS Bulletin, Bulletin OILB / SROP

Checklist for the convenors:

    1. Make sure that the authors have followed the authors' instructions (side margins, font type and size, size and quality of figures (also in black-and-white version)…

    2. Don't number the pages – this will be done during the editorial process.

    3. The header – if prepared – shouldn't contain the bulletin number.

    4. The contributions should be delivered as single files, not compiled to one large file. The right order for publication in the bulletin should be indicated, either by an index or by assorting the contributions in the right order before delivering them.

    5. The bulletin should not consist of too many abstracts – the main part should be full contributions.

    6. A title page should be delivered, containing the name of the working group, the date and location of the meeting and the name(s) of the editor(s).

    7. Check if there are sponsors who have to be mentioned in the bulletin.

    8. Don't use self-creating indices – the contributions will have to be separated from each other during the editorial process, and so this function doesn't work.

    9. The number of printed bulletins that will be needed should be indicated as soon as possible.


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